Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Things around the house are going good. One could argue so good that I haven't had time to blog. I've been busy making all sorts of things. I've made a baby gift for my coworker, am working on one for my neighbor, made 6 dolls for a friend for Christmas presents, and a monster! Oh- I also made a toddler backpack from a pattern I found online. I'm quite impressed with all of it myself. (pictures coming soon)

So what's been going on in our neck of the woods, you ask? Well, Bug is consuming our daily lives even more these days. She takes up about 95% of our time thus leaving little time for anything else. I have also been perplexed with something, and maybe you can help me out...Why do I bother to clean the house when 20 minutes later it is the SAME exact way? Toys strewn all over paper ripped apart on the floor, bibs thrown throughout the house, empty baskets tipped over, books across the floor like a bomb hit the bookshelf...Really, what's the point? Oh I remember...because I can't STAND seeing it! If only I could gouge out my eyes, then I cold be sane.

I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving week. We are going to Nick's grandmother's this year. It should be fun. As far as I know we are in charge of sweet potatoes, and I'm thinking of not bringing the traditional sweet potatoes, but a sweet potato casserole because it is easier to carry. The casserole is delicious; it's basically mashed sweet potatoes covered with a brown sugar/pecan/coconut roasted top. Yummmmmy! I love it.

Well I'm writing this before I head off to work today, and yay! it's a fake Friday on Tuesday! Not to mention we have a basketball and dodgeball tournament going on this afternoon. I'm going to kick some dodgeball butt!

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