Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Christmas Time!!!

I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I have so much to make and buy. Jeesh! Not to mention that we still need to get our tree. I'm hoping we can get it this weekend and decorate it. I think we are just going to buy it from the Boy Scouts this year and then next year when Calla is older we will go cut ours down.

Part of me can't wait for Christmas to come, but yet part of me can because I hate rushing time. I can't wait because it should be really fun with Calla this year. We still aren't sure what we want to get her. I have ideas, but I don't want to spend a lot of money, or get her a bunch of toys either. She's only 1 and already has enough toys for a baby army. I could just look at it as if we are stocking up for when we have another....but that is a thought that won't be until next year.

I plan on making a few gifts for Bug (name pillow, elf doll, etc.), gifts for my best friend, and I was thinking of making a gift for my mentor at work, and also for the LTA that shares my room, not to mention I was going to make a gift for Bug's cousin. Hopefully I can do it all, because I really like giving handmade gifts over buying them. I think there is just more meaning in it.

I have to say that Nick is worst than the biggest peeker kid ever! He tried figuring out what he's getting by "decoding" the list I had made. Well he did "decode" it pretty well and actually got 6 of the 9 gift right, but it's a good thing I was thinking on my toes. I convinced him it was something else. He's such a brat!

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