Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tree Up!

We finally put up our Christmas tree. I am glad we did because I have been itching to do it for awhile now. On Thursday Nick called me on my cell on my way home, but I didn't have good reception on the mountain (go figure) so I couldn' t hear him. When I got home I called him, and he said he called to see if I would stay in town so we could get a tree. Well I wasn't going back into town, so I just told him to go pick one out. It will probably be the last time I let him pick out a tree without Bug and me...He came home with a blue spruce (which I don't really care for), and while the one side of the tree is nice, the rest is ummm...barren. It's ok though, he meant well. We set up the tree that night and started getting out our Christmas decorations. I started stringing the lights around the tree and only made it 3/4 the way up. We were out of lights! I wasn't going to back into town so the tree had to wait.

The next night I had a girls' night planned with my coworkers. We were going to dinner and then to watch the play "The Producers". It was an excellent time, but needless to say I didn't get home until 12:30 am on Saturday.

FINALLY... after two days of having a half-butted decorated tree in the living room Bug and I went to town to get more lights and some more ornaments. I don't know what happened to all the ornaments we used to have, but I can't find them! We came home and started decorating the tree. I was wrapping the ribbon around the tree and all of a sudden it started leaning!!! The tree almost fell over 3 times before I could get to the base and secure it more. What a fiasco! The good news is that the tree is up, but there is bad news....I'm lacking about 6 ft of ribbon to finish off the top.

Calla's eyes lit up when she saw the tree all decorated. (She was napping while I finished it up) Her eyes lit up and of course she went over to the tree and starting playing with ball ornaments. I can't wait for Christmas! I can't believe it's only 13 days away, I wish it was closer, but I don't because I still have 90% of my shopping to do. I know what I want to get, but I have to go get it. I'm finding that this year is much different then past years. I used to be 90% done by now, and did most of my shopping online. This year I'm the complete opposite. I am doing most of my shopping in the stores. I think this is because I like going out with Nick and Bug to have a "date" where it's just us and doing something as a family. I think the next time we will go shopping will be this coming weekend, but I don't know if we will take Bug. It all depends on whether or not we can find someone to watch her. It'd be nice to go on a date just Nick and I.

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