Saturday, December 12, 2009

<3 Attack

I was just getting ready to take a picture of Bug in front of the fully decorated Christmas tree and she was pricked by branch and came running to me. Just as she did the tree started coming tumbling towards us. I quickly pushed her out of the way and moved myself. There was no way I was going to try and catch gloves, coming down fast, prickly needles....ha, yea right! Then there was a big "CRASH!" I found a sock of Nick's nearby, and used that to pick the tree back up. Right now it is being propped up by the loveseat until Nick gets home and he can fix it. Until then we have a Christmas tree that is fully disarray. There are a bunch of bulbs off and the ribbon, that pain in the butt ribbon, is all over the place and needs to be completely redone. Yippy! The good news is that no one was hurt and only one ornament broke.

Maybe our tree isn't feeling so merry?

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