Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas was a lot of fun this year. Bug was old enough to enjoy the present opening and would get excited over her presents. (More details and pictures on her blog)

Christmas Eve Nick's parents came over for his birthday and to have Christmas. They said they'd be over at around 6 pm. At about 4 we got a phone call from Sears saying that our order was ready for pick-up. I drove like a madwoman to Bing. to pick it up. Surprisingly the roads were pretty empty with cars. I met more traffic coming back then I did going. It must have been all those husbands out shopping for their loved ones at the last minute. Back to the story though, I arrived to Sears to pick up his tool chest, and they only had the bottom half! OYE! I was a bit frustrated, but at least he had half of it for Christmas morning. I figured while I was up there I'd swing over to Gander Mtn. to pick up gift cards for my cousins for their Christmas presents. I walk in and a young man at the customer service desk asks if he can help me (I must have looked a bit frazzled), so I asked him where the gift cards/certificates were. Then he told me......they had none; they sold out a couple of hours ago, but they should get some more in on Sunday. Alright I thought, and grabbed a pretty neat gift for my one cousin and figured I would get the other one something later. I didn't have time to look around the store really because I had to get home for Nick's birthday and Christmas with the in-laws.

I'm on my way home when Nick calls and asks where I am because his parents have been there for over an hour! They were able to come over early because his dad got done with work early. Eventually I arrive home and we are able to start the festivities. They bought Bug a four wheeler and she was riding it all over the house when I came in the door. She loves that thing! She also got some clothes, but was more entertained with the boxes that they came in. Silly girl, one day she'll learn. Nick and I got a power tool set from his parents, which was the perfect gift because we are always borrowing theirs! The only thing was that I had bought Nick one for Christmas too! When I opened it I was like "Yay! Power tools!" but I couldn't hide the confusion from my face. The confusion appeared because I was thinking, "Crap! Tomorrow morning he's going to open his, do I have time to go exchange it? No! Shoot!" It all worked out though :) I'm so happy we now have power tools. I'm making my honey-do list even longer; I'm not too sure that makes Nick very happy. :)

Christmas morning was the best it has been in awhile. We had bought a ball pit for Bug and blew it up Christmas Eve. In the middle of the night she woke up and so I brought her in our room for the rest of the night. When she woke up in the morning I had her walk out into the living room and she walked over to the pit with a big smile and kept looking back as if to say, "Mom, do you see this? Where did this come from? Can I play in it?!" It was the cutest thing. We continued opening our presents from Santa and then started getting ready for dinner down to my Mom's.

Dinner at my Mom's was tasty as always. It was a good time spent with family and some of mom's friends. Bug got a couple of baby dolls and some boots :) She LOVES her baby dolls, although Nick and I find them a little creepy because they both talk/coo and one even crawls. Cute and creepy at the same time.

We have one "Christmas" left and that is with my Dad's side of the family. All in all it has been a good holiday season. We are thankful for all that we were able to give and able to receive. We hope your Christmas was as merry.

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