Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Button, Button, Look Who's Got a Button!

I recently overhauled the the blog and with it I decided to create a button! Nothing too special, but still a big step for me :) First I found a tutorial on how to create a button here. Then I had to decide on what to make it look like. I wanted something simple, classic, and cute and in one. Thus, I used the free background from that is my blog background. Only this time I turned it horizontal and placed the blog header in the white space. I thought I was done with just that, but still felt that it needed something else. During a random moment of grading papers it had come to me: scallops. It needed scalloped edges! And that leaves us with this:

Which you can now put onto your blog by copying the code below and pasting in on your sidebar using the HTML widget.

Go ahead, take it!(You know you want to!)

One of the best parts is that before I made it public on the blog, I emailed Megan from to see if I could have her permission to use the design, and she obviously said yes.....and.....that I did a really good job! *blush* She's so sweet and has such cute designs; take a peak!

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Jessica said...

way to go! I need to take your example. My blog is lame-o.