Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I LOVE babies!

One of my colleague's wife had a baby on Monday, and I of course had to make a gift! This colleague was my assigned mentor last year when I started working here, and over the past year we have grown quite a friendship between us. So really, how could I not make something for this baby?

I started with this wipes case. I just love the fabric and have had it for a some time now, but never knew what to do with it...Enter mystery baby. Mystery baby because they weren't finding out the gender. Do you know how hard it is to make something gender neutral these days? I am surrounded by pink and girly things all day so naturally I look for more of that or the opposite anytime that I can. Gender neutral? I don't know if that is in my vocabulary.

Here is what I came up with... I think it's quite cute. You can't tell from the picture, but the top yellow button and middle orange have a glossy (girly) finish to them.

I knew that I was going to make A onesie for the baby, but one wild day in a dollar store I found an adorable little basket that would fit THREE onesies rolled up. I HAD to get three. So I got a package of 0-3m, 3-6m, and 6-9m. This way I can put one of each size in the gift and have extras for another baby gift that will be made soon.The first one I made using a freezer stencil (this tutorial is great) and acrylic paints. (I didn't have any fabric paint at the house!-Definitely need to buy some). Nonetheless, I think that this one is my favorite.  The next one is an elephant with a fun Spring/Summer fabric (matches PERFECT with her month-age). The last is just a simple "i" initial for Indigo, her beautiful name. I decided to do a lowercase "i" because I think they have more character than the uppercases I was trolling through.

0-3 months. I LOVE this design!!! (I'm so proud of myself for thinking it up)

Cutest little elephant that you ever did see, right?

Baby "i" for baby Indigo. I had this fabric picked out for the elephant, but decided to use the more Springy one. Coincidence it is indigo for Indigo.

At the last minute I decided that I needed to make something else that was "gender neutral." Along came this little one. I originally had made the tail and body out of one continual piece of fabric, but it was such a pain in the butt to turn right-side that I cut it off and said that a ribbon would be better. Now it can be attached to her ring toys! What is it? No, it's not a stingray. It is a horseshoe crab.  I realize you might be thinking that it is pretty random but it's not. The new Daddy's favorite "animal" is a horseshoe crab, and I had made him one ( coming soon) when he found out that they were expecting.

:: Note- This is a picture of the UNFINISHED horseshoe crab. I had to sew it together this morning and didn't get a picture of the FINISHED ::
Now that I'm looking at it, I realize that I might need to make another one; it really is a poor representation of a horseshoe crab! I was going from my memory though. I guess I've learned a valuable lesson: never trust my memory!

And one last picture of it all ready to give minus the last minute horseshoe crab; that was placed behind the onesies but in front of the wipes case.

Psst...See those cute piggers?! They're Bug's! (She is standing on the old coffee table trying to climb onto a stool to climb onto the counter)

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