Monday, January 25, 2010

Keep The Old, But Make It New...

Just after Christmas Nick, Bug, and I went to our small town and walked around in and out of all the "antique" shops. In the last one we stopped in we found this beauty:
I realize it might not look like much now, but it was perfect and I Bug HAD to have it. Now what does Bug need this for? A TOY BOX silly! The sticker price was $35 and we didn't have any cash on us (because we never carry any on us) and we didn't have room in the car, so it would have to wait until, GASP- the next day. I convinced my darling husband that it wasn't simply a want, but an actual NEED. (Oh I'm that good). The next day he drove downtown and tried getting it for $20 but the guy wouldn't budge because it's and "antique cedar chest." I'm pretty sure that he'd flip his lid, if he saw what this was going to be used for. The best part is that when we got it home and I opened it up (I didn't do that there) I realized it was a little shallow, but why you ask? Well because that bottom piece with the two handles is actually a drawer! 

PERFECT for storing little girl dress up clothes. (Not that we have any yet, but I'm sure that we will soon)

Like everything else in this house that we acquire in the winter, it is sitting (already being used) waiting to be sanded, painted, and beautified to the chest that it has always dreamed of being. I've spent a little time (seriously, little) time in my ghetto version of photoshop so you can see the plans:

What do you think?  Don't you just LOVE the chandelier on the drawer?
I think that will be my favorite part! Oh, and the handles will be silver, not a gray, but I don't have metallic paint in my ghetto photoshop.

Like everything else waiting to be sanded and painted, I will surely take pictures once it is all done! I wish it was warm enough out now so that I could just do all these things. I'm so impatient when it comes to this stuff.



Lia said...

oooo I do I do love it a lot :)

The Home Ec Teachers Daugter said...

very cute! I have so many paint projects i cant keep them straight!

Jessica said...

So glad to have found your blog! I got a tutorial for the teacher owl bag on my blog that you had commented on. Just thought I'd let you know.