Monday, February 15, 2010


I've finished the orders. 2babies(1 onesie + wipes case per baby). Feelin a little mathy. I think they came out great. They are both for boys, but I was asked not to make them too gender-ish. I think I'm getting better with it, although, I did have to indulge a little with the cases.

Owl 1 for Baby 1

Wipes Case 1 for Baby 1

 Owl 2 for Baby 2

Wipes Case 2 for Baby 2

All together now (minus the cute twill ribbon that ties each as a package)


Kellie said...

I love these. Our school mascot is an owl. Do you make any other sizes? They are the cutest owls I've seen. Great job!!!!!

C & N c{o}. said...

Thanks Kellie! I can make any size you need. I am in the process of starting up an online store, but I can make whatever you need before the store gets up and running.

email me at:

and we can talk about what you want/need.

P.S. I checked out your blog...your kids are so cute and great pictures!