Monday, February 15, 2010

I may have lost the battle, but I WON the WAR!

All weekend I have been trying to get this open:

...And all weekend I have failed!

I can get all my other recycled baby food jars button holders open, except this ONE; the one I want opened the most. So today I'm working away and find myself NEEDING these brown buttons more then ever. I try cold water, I try super strength, and then it hits me (no pun intended): If I can't open it now, then when I do get it open, I must not close it! I am breaking entry. (and I even made a tutorial for it, should you ever feel the need to be deviant).

Materials Needed:

Pesky Button Holder(s)
1 Plastic Bag
1 Hammmer
1 Colander (not shown above)
2-3 Paper Towels (not shown above)

Here we go...

Place the pesky button holder in the plastic bag.

Find a hard surface to place your bag. Make sure the pesky button holder is on its side in the bag. Aim your hammer...

Then add a downward swinging motion hitting the spot you aimed for. Repeat until you hear the beautiful CHLINK! Busting that pesky button holder to bits! Open the bag carefully to confirm the fatality.

Free at last!

Next carefully transfer the buttons to the colander while leaving the large glass shards in the plastic bag.

Rinse off to remove any slivers still clinging to what they once were.


Pat dry, and let lay to dry while you bask in your success of releasing the buttons from the pesky button holder's confining wrath. Nice job!!

Ahhh success...
Ok, maybe I have too much time on my hands?

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