Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Friday!

I'm not sure that this day could get any better! I'm being completely honest and not being facetious. Here is the list of reasons why today was awesome:

  1. It's FRIDAY
  2. Two of the seven schools were closed & most of the other students were absent (aka about a total of 10 students showed up)
  3. Free pedicure from one of my students who is also a cos student
  4. Free ice cream and gifts (reusable grocery bag) for staff at the end of the day
  5. Valentine's Day present (beautiful diamond/heart necklace from Kay Jewelers) early!

I don't think you can get any better than that. I mean just the free pedicure alone makes the day a great one! I'm talking an at least 1:15 minute pedicure. I love Pinky-now-Purpley (student) for this!!! I had to leave before they could look like this.... (painted)

...but at least I can put stockings on again without ripping them! (Ok, maybe they weren't that bad...)

I hope your Friday was just as good!

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