Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I cheated a bit and opened my V-Day present a day early. Of course only because my hubba-bub begged wanted me to. The darling hubba-bub bought me a necklace from Kay's. It's pretty dazzling if I do say so myself.

See I wasn't lying!

Valentine's Day has been pretty uneventful. No special outings, no special meals, just some simple family time.  I did manage to get some peojects done though. I've been working on a nursing cover for a friend, and I finished it today! I also finished a matching high-style burp cloth for her!(These were both my first attempts at bias tape) On that topic [bias tape] I didn't have any, didn't have a fancy maker, and the local quilting store didn't have one either. I bought a satin pillowcase set  because it was cheaper than buying fabric at the quilt store & they don't carry anything but cotton there. Then I cut it into 2" strips, and then found this tutorial online which helped me make my tape!!!

Want a peak at the gift? (It looks better in person, it is hard to tell the top from the bottom edges in the photo)

The burp cloth (folded in half hamburger-style)


 Two down...many more gifts to go before it's full ;)

I also have an order being placed for some custom onesies and wipes cases. I was able to whip this cutie out today too with the help of lil blue boo 's template. And the kicker? I sewed the buttons on with my sewing machine! and only broke one needle and one button in the meantime

 I love these fabrics! The bottom fabric is more of a brown color with gold metallic polka dots (hard to see in the picture).

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