Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gone Overboard!

There is no such thing as too much in my life right now. I don't know what it is. No, it's not taxes either. Oh how I wish it were, but that's a totally different post. So enough of this dilly dallying around, let's get to the point!

I have long since fallen in love with heidiandfinn's patterns! I haven't actually used one to make anything, but I have often dreamt of it. I mean look at these:


How can you resist these?! (Some of my favorite favorites)

They have this great deal at their shop where you can buy 4 patterns (any 4!) for $21. The problem: how do I choose which ones I want to get first? I feel bad for saying no to the cute little top, or adorable pants, and what about those coats? Wouldn't I just look INSANE if I bought all coat patterns? I KNOW, but I want need them all for some handmade stylish diggs!

And then it happened...I'm not really sure what made me think this would be ok, but I did.

I emailed heidiandfinn and asked what kind of discount they could give me if I bought......EVERY pattern in the store. I realized the craziness of this request and assured them/her/whomever that I wasn't crazy, just IN LOVE with the designs. Simple. Chic. Classic.

And do you know what happened?

They emailed me back without any questions or hesitations (at least I think no hesitations) with a very down to earth email asking me which specific patterns I'm interested in because there are 25 for sale right now.

I sat down and went through my list and checked it twice. 20 patterns in total.

Then I waited for how much it would be..........

$95! (a steal-at least in my eyes)

So as I'm writing this crazy post confessing to my madness I'm working through the purchase of my custom order of 20 heidiandfinn patterns and CAN'T wait to receive the email(s) with the patterns! The only problem is which one will I make first? I supposed I can't make all of them at the same time, or can I? (I think it is going to be the cardigan first pictured above)

Rationale: $95 for patterns that will fit Bug until she is 5T? That's major savings, right? 
 Please tell me it makes sense!

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