Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Million Dollar Car!

It has seriously been one of those days. The hubba bub had to take my car to the shop to get the check engine light shut off, so we could get it inspected (it ran out the end of Feb). We were quoted months back for about $450 but in reality we figured about $650 (because there is ALWAYS SOMETHING!). I drive the hubba bubs car into work, park, and get ready for the day. We take attendance in the cafeteria then head to our classrooms for first period. When I get in my room I see the message light is blinking on my phone, but I don't have time to answer it; I have a disgruntled group of 8th grader just dying to start their day off with some vocabulary to attend to. About 10 minutes into the class and after making a call the the Vice Principal to get a student to move his seat and one disappearing to the "bathroom", I get a phone from a clearly frazzled hubba bub. Here's the convo:

Me: "What's wrong?"
Hubba bub: "The car's a piece of ****!"
Me: "What do you mean; what's wrong?"
Hubba bub: "I just got off the phone with the guy, and he said he can't inspect it unless we fix the check engine light, the front suspension, the rear wiper motor, and put new tires on it."
Me (trying to remain calm): "Are you serious?! How much is all this going to cost?"
Hubba bub: "The check engine light $650, the wiper motor $270, the suspension $840 the tires $5** (I can't remember exactly), the inspection $21, the oil change $53, a missing bolt replacement $17. The total is (he knows I'm so not adding all this up in my head as he was speaking) $2387."
Me: "AH HUGH! YEA RIGHT! You call them up and tell them to fix the check engine and THAT'S IT! I have to go; I can't talk right now."

We hang up and I call him back in 45 minutes when I have a class  that can be trusted to work on their own for a longer time span than 30 seconds.
He the tells me that they scratched off our old inspection sticker and won't give us the temporary one that you get when your car fails and inspection.
F.R.E.A.K   O.U.T.
Welcome to Freak Outville. Exit 305 on the second floor. Mayor Crystal welcomes you!

Long story short...The car participated in a sleepover at the shop because they didn't even have the right part to fix the check engine light until the next day. They were nice enough though to let the hubba bub drive home a brand new rabbit!

**Day after the million dollar car incident**

Hubba bub picked up the car today and drove it home without an inspection sticker. I will be driving it to work tomorrow to see if it is anything that they can fix up there and stopping by a shop to get an estimate from them too. Please if you're a cop, or related to a cop, or in cahootz with a cop, PLEASE don't hunt us down! We're trying, and it will be all fixed asap.

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