Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heidi and Finn Love

Finally a post for all the things I've been meaning to post separately but haven't gotten around to doing; now they're all in one!

About a week after making my big purchase with Heidi and Finn I decided which piece to make first. I went for the cocktail jacket with the adorable bow in the front. It really wasn't that hard. The pattern and directions were super easy to understand!! The only thing I would have changed is that I should have used the 12m. pattern size because this one is a little too big, but that just means room to grow, right?! As always the true test of how things look lies with the Hubba Bub. I brought it out to him and he said, "Wow, you made that? It looks like we could have bought it!" Oh hunni how I love you! Before we get onto the good stuff (aka the pictures), I made it with anti-pill black fleece that I scored a super deal on at JoAnn's and the lining fabric is fabric that I had on hand. Bug has a laminated catch all bib in the lining fabric.    Ok, enough talking here are some pictures...

She's so pleased to be having a photo shoot at 7 in the morning.(above. The pictures below were taken when we got home in the afternoon)

Now onto some more Heidi and Finn goodness.... Bug's Easter dress was made using this pattern and I absolutely LOVE how it came out. I wanted a dress that she could wear again that didn't scream dressy, but was still dressy enough to pull of an Easter. The results... (WARNING: BUG DID NOT CARE ABOUT  TAKING GOOD SHOTS THIS DAY!)

And one final Heidi and Finn creation. This one was a last minute sort of project. I woke up and thought that Bug needed a light "play" coat, one that buttoned, and started making it in hopes to finish it before we left as a family to go on a day trip. I decided to use this pattern, but alter it  bit. I didn't include a lining because the lining on the first coat I made had caused it to get be a lot heavier, plus it is meant to be a play coat. Also this pattern calls for little hidden snap buttons, but I wanted actual buttons. I was hemming the bottom when I broke a needle on my serger and then a needle on the regular sewing machine. Frustrated and having lost all patience I said I would finish it when we got home. And that is exactly what I did. It's a bit wonky in some parts, but like I said it was a quick project and is meant for playing in, so I'm not too critical or bummed over it. The Hubba Bub's reaction was as follows...Bug had this coat on and was playing outside. I went inside for something and came back out 20 minutes or so later. The Hubba Bub asks, "Is that coat we got yesterday (referring to our Thrift Store stop)?" I tell him no that I made it. He was pretty impressed yet again. Then I went into too much detail on telling him just exactly what was wrong with it and lost his attention somewhere around the first needle breaking and messing up but fixing the extension piece. Ok, ok, ok, pictures! I get it!


Psst. I realize the links for the dress pattern and play coat don't work yet...Etsy is experiencing some hiccups so I can't link up right away. Hopefully later.

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