Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Break = Home Work!

This past week was our Spring Break, and boy oh boy was it needed! Although it was break from work, the work at home was just beginning. I managed to get some more painting done on Bug's room, paint the kitchen, paint the cabinets (minus the doors and drawers..tomorrow is another day), put a border up in the bathroom, make a book wreath, and spend some much needed cuddle time with the Bug.
The Bug started getting  cold on Monday which lasted up until last night and in the midst of constantly wiping her nose and cuddling her, I managed to catch that cold now. Luckily the nose thing isn't a problem with me, but the nonstop coughing is a doozey!
I really loved the look of this book wreath from the moment I saw it on Living With Lindsay. It has been on larger than life to-do list for awhile now. Finally this week I went in search of all the supplies because I was determined to make it, especially after putting up the border in the bathroom and having a BIG blank SPACE that needed SOMETHING! So off to town I went...

One of the problems with living in rural America is the lack of options you have in choosing a store to get your supplies from AND finding the correct supplies. The item that I knew would be the hardest to find would be the foam wreath. I went to all the stores that I thought would have it and had no such luck. Finally I decided that I would look for something else that I could use instead and low and behold the Dollar General came through yet again. On a side note, I hate how our town has 2 "dollar stores" but not a REAL dollar store! Anyways I ended up buying all my supplies at the Dollar General.

I ended up buying the swim noodle (above) to make into my foam wreath. All in total the project cost me about $9. The noodle was $3 (rip off I know) and the book Treasure of Khan was $5. Plus tax.

Let me first say that while I was so excited to make this, I had the HARDEST time selecting a book that I felt I could rip up. Finally I ended up with the Treasure of Khan only because it had to most pages for the price. I'm sorry Clive Oliver for not taking the time to read your book before I tore it to shreds for aesthetic purposes, but please know that with every rip and glue I did read as much as I could (which was only a few random lines and words per page, but hey at least I gave it some time!)

Onto the project. In order to get started I first had to cut those two blue pieces off then glue and duct tape it into wreath shape. I also stuck a tooth pick in the ends where I joined them for added strength in holding the ends together. Once that was done I started rolling and gluing. The project took a LOT longer than I had originally thought it would, but I persevered and finally finished it a couple of hours later.

Here's my beautiful book wreath:

Do you like it? I LOVE it!!!


Deidre said...

I flippin love it and may have to make one myself111

Deidre said...
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Deidre said...

Thanks for your comment! Glad you love my stuff so far... we'll see how it pans out... :/

I'm not sure if I'll do a tutorial for the lamp because I can't find my pictures!!! AH! I don't know where the heck they went! If I find them, I will do one though. :)