Saturday, April 10, 2010

So over Swiffer!

I love loved my Swiffer WetJet for the many years that I have had it. I recently just made some reusable cloths for it because I was tired of having to buy the clothes and then throw them out. So I whipped up some ones that I can throw in the washer and reuse them! All was great for a little longer in swiffer world... then I had become annoyed with having to buy the "juice" all the time because you can't refill it. So I found this handy hack, but I never got around to actually doing it. It's a quick and easy thing to do, but like I said I never got around to it. Then one day I was getting ready to swiffer the floors and the sprayer was dying because the batteries were dying and I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be nice if they made one that didn't take batteries?!" I seriously would put new batteries in it every 3-4 uses. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I just dealt with it because well I love my swiffer and would take it any day over getting on my hands and knees to clean the floors.

And then yesterday happened...

I went into the new Ace Hardware store looking to score some rain boots for Bug, but they didn't have any yet.What they did have was a mini display at the end of the isle with what looked like to be a swiffer imitation that was $39.

I gauffed at it initially and then started looking at it closer. I couldn't find where the batteries went, and it came with, GET THIS... a resuable pad, and a refillable juicer! I called an employee over and asked him if it took batteries because I couldn't find anywhere on the box where it said. He then explained to me that it DIDN'T! Curious as to how this worked and finding it the answer to all my problems above I pondered purchasing it. Finally I decided to just go ahead and do it. Justification (like I need one): The money I will save in buying swiffer juice every 5-6 uses and 4 AA batteries every 3-4 uses will mean that this will have paid for itself in a few short weeks!

As soon as I got home I took it all out of the box and examined to make sure I actually didn't have to use batteries. I couldn't find any spot to put them so I proceeded with putting it together (it only took about 1 minute if that). And then I was off to cleaning the hardwood floors. The thing is so easy to use. The no battery thing works because it is designed with a spray bottle pump in it. You pull the lever back and out sprays the "juice". The pad is much larger than Swiffer WetJet which made cleaning that much faster! The only thing it doesn't have is a scrubby part, but I found I didn't even need it. I could go over the same sticky spot a couple of times with the microfiber pad and call it good!

I'm a bonafide Bona lover! (hardy har har)


shannon said...

Just found your blog. Very cute. I am not a swiffer fan either, I am gonna have to look into this new one you got. Currently I crawl around on the floor and mop by hand. No fun!

Jessica said...

convincing review! I may have to convert also.