Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sticks and Chips..

This past weekend it was GORGEOUS outside and we spent every minute we could outside together. On Saturday we worked some more on Bug's swing set area. The task at hand was to cover the ground with a more kid friendly substance. As you can see in this post the ground around the swing is mud and rocks, not to mention 3 feet tall pricker bushes (yes, that is the technical term). I said we should have left the rocks there and as punishment when she gets older have her go pick rocks, but that idea didn't go over to well. We I was looking at that rubber mulch stuff made from old tires. We have that up at the playground at work and it's so squishy and fun, but it is pretty expensive. The cheapest I found it was on eBay for $799 including shipping. That price isn't so bad, but with Summer coming I think we'll save our $799 for groceries until I start work back up in the Fall. Then I thought that we had a bunch of mulch left over from last year, but the hubba bub didn't want to use that. Instead he came up with a truly genius plan. The town each year cuts down trees on the sides of the road that are growing out into the road or whatever reason they cut them down, and when they are done cutting them they CHIP them. The best part is that they leave the chips at the side of the road! Perfect for a swingset area!!!!!! So all day Saturday we drove the Rhino to the side of the road and loaded it up with chips (and the occasional sticks that snuck in there) and then drove back to the house to drop it off. We still aren't done, but we only have like 3 more loads to do (this weekend)! Here's what it looks like now...

Looks pretty good right?
Don't worry we picked up the chainsaw before we started playing.
 I plan on building a little picnic table for Bug to go out there and also putting a play house for her. Perfect spot! (It is where the old pool used to be) We still have a few more things to do to the swing set like put the roof on (needs to be washed first) and put the ladder handles fort steering wheel on (I repainted them because they were dull from the sun).

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