Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

Our 4th of July was quiet, but I loved it that way. There was no rushing around from house to house to make sure everyone ELSE was happy. Instead we concentrated on what WE wanted to do and DID IT. :) Yes, we're selfish like that (only once in awhile though). We spent the day as a family goofing off in the morning and then went swimming down to my mom's because it was so hot we couldn't stand it. When we were done pruning ourselves we headed home for a S'more feast! We spent the rest of the night by the "camp fire" eating s'mores, running around the yard chasing each other, and laughing.

Swimming with the baby, because we can't do anything without a baby these days. :)

Getting ready to jump!

Ice cream pit stop on the way home from swimming.

S'more time!


Playing with Buddy (Mom's dog) while we had our fire and treats.

Upset because we told her "All done". Poor girl.

We didn't go see fireworks, and we were ok with that because we were having way too much fun to stop, get the car loaded up, and go. I love my little family.

I hope you're 4th was as fun and love filled as ours was. Thank you to all those who fought for our freedom and continue to fight for it!

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