Friday, July 9, 2010


 (taken from HSN)
I have been pining over this sewing machine for about a year now. I haven't been able to bring myself to spend that kind of money on it though, especially when we had other things that the money could go towards. Then FINALLY it lowered to a more reasonable price and I talked it over with the hubba-bub who said "If you want it, get it." Guess what I did? I bought it. Yup, I did. And when it arrived 4 days earlier than expected I about peed my pants. I opened it all up set it up and tried getting down to business. I tried playing with it a little and every couple of stitches it would stop, beep at me, and blink it's #19 light at me. What the heck?! After about 5 re-threadings I got the thing working like it should (sans stopping, blinking, and beeping). WOOOOWEEEE! It's like driving a luxury vehicle; it was so smooth and quiet. Then I started playing around with the decorative stitches and was in my heaven. The only problem is that it left me wanting more. I want more stitches dang nabit! Ok enough sewing, let's get this software installed and get making some cute embroidery. WRONG! The ding-bat box packager packed me TWO of the same DVD and 1 basic software, but NOT the hyperfont, autopunch, photo, cross stitch, etc. software. OMG! Did I mention that when I tried installing the basic on my computer that it failed to work also? Yup, because I have crappy Vista and you have to download a patch for it work with Vista. DOH! Finally I call up the company which I ordered the machine from and explained that they sent me two of the same DVDs but not the software that I most looked forward to using. The customer service lady explained to me that I had two options: 
  1. Take a partial refund for the amount of the software bundle (UM...NO!)
  2. Send back the machine and wait for another one to come (UM...NO!)
My initial responses are above. The lady explained to me that they don't have software lying around where they can grab one and mail it out, thus the need to send out another package. Whatever. So I'm mailing mine back, and not getting another one in return. Not because I didn't LOVE the machine, but because umm after having that one I want the next step down/up (model without the serger, because I really don't need that option- I'd rather just use my regular one) which has more built in decorative stitches. So once I get my refund on the one I'm sending back I'll be rockin this one!
 (again, taken from HSN)

I litterally can't wait and have thought about ordering the other one now, but in practicing a little self control I've decided to continue to wait. Did I mention that I was planning on mailing the other one back on Tuesday, but my husband has failed to drop it off STILL?! I think he is doing it on purpose! 

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