Friday, July 30, 2010

What a week!

This week has been wonderful! To start off the Hubba-Bub took Monday off and spent it with us girls as just a day to bum around the house with each other. Monday night came along and guess what? My Silhouette came! YAY! Unfortunately though I haven't been able to use it because I've been busy with other things.

Tuesday we went down to the neighbors for a visit/play date.

Wednesday we babysat the baby from the neighbors we visited the day before so she and her two sons could go see Toy Story 2. While babysitting and dying because of all the cuteness happening between Bug and the baby I tried "fixing" my camera. With new batteries and literally beating the crap out of it, the screen returned to normal. Every once in awhile if I moved just ride it would go all wacky again, so the beatings would continue. THEN it was nap time.

For all you mommies out there with a toddler and a baby, I'm not sure how you do it! Kudos to you. 

I put the baby down and then Bug. The baby was crying which made Bug cry which made the baby cry. It was a vicious cycle. Finally I decided they just weren't going to lay down and took them for a Rhino ride. It was 1 of me and 2 of them. How did I do it? Baby in the sling and Bug squished between the baby and the side arm rest on my lap. Within 10 minutes they were both zonked out and I was praying someone would see us and take a picture of this spectacle, but no one did. You just have to use your imagination. I carefully drove home and transferred the sleeping babies to their rightful sleeping places. Oh I forgot to mention that on our Rhino drive I spotted that I had a package hanging from my mailbox! A PACKAGE! Any guess as to what it was? My new camera. Of course the day I get my camera "fixed" the new one comes. I debated whether to keep it or not and decided that I will because the old one isn't' that reliable anymore.

Thursday we had to go to Bing to run pick up camping things, more specifically a tent and air mattress, for tonight's campout. The tent we had picked out online was $60 ONLINE, but in the store it was $78 and they wouldn't budge. Whatever, we needed the tent. The best part about this whole day were the other deals I scored in place of the tent inflation. We went to the thrift store before hitting the superstores. I got 4 pairs of shorts (Old Navy, Hollister, LEI x2) for $3.99 each, a pair of red ON wedges for $1.99, a magazine rack for the bathroom (this is for the Hubba-Bub) for $1.99, two white goblets for $3.99 ea (a bit pricey, but candles will look GREAT in it), and a square white basket for storing Bug's undies for $1.99. Then at Wal*Mart, after being panhandled by the tent, I went to the fabric section and found the PERFECT fabric for a top panel on the curtains I want to make for the living room AND throw pillow fabric for both $1.50/yd!!!! Say WHAT! Here I was thinking about buying this (can't find it on there anymore! but it was #12.98/yd!!) on, but thought I better wait for a sale when I found $1.50/yd fabric that will look just as good if not better! I HAD TOO! After the stores we met up with a lady off CL who sold me two sewing machines for $10. One works, and one works kinda (I'm hoping she doesn't know what she was doing and I'll be able to get the kinda one working). Then it was time to have some kid fun! I took Bug to a story garden near the zoo we went to a couple of weeks ago. She loved it. Here are some pictures of it via the NEW camera.
The first little play house.

Climbing to the bunk

This was on the way back through. She climbed up it again and laid down to go "ni-night"

Worm farm.

In the adobe.

"Come back Goldie Locks!"

We both had a blast playing there and can't wait to go back next time. The next time we go we are going to make sure the Hubba-Bub can come along too.

(I have some more posts coming regarding the new camera, the silhouette, the new sewing machine, and a few sentimental ones. I promise soon! They're in my head waiting to be typed up)

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