Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grandpa Trask

I should warn you that this post is personal. I know you're thinking, umm well aren't most of them? Yea, but this is different.  If you don't like reading personal-emotional stuff, then consider yourself waned and you can politely move on without having to read any further.

A little over a week ago I read this post by Kristin from Simply Kay Kay. Since then I have been wanting to write this post, just to release it, but haven't been able to emotionally. The post was about how her daughter randomly said that her grandmother (Kristin's mom, I believe), who has passed, had dyed her hair. She forewarns the readers that it might give them goosebumps, but in reality she should forewarn that it might causing crying too.

Most of you already know that my father passed away when I was younger. For those that don't, he passed away in 1998 at the age of 33 as a result of a logging accident leaving behind myself (13 at the time) and my brother (8 at the time). Some days it feels like it has been forever and others it seems like yesterday. There has been a lot of things I wish my father could have been here for: high school graduation, college graduation, marriage, etc, so I couldn't help but to become emotional after while reading Kristin's post because it truly saddens me that Bug never had a chance to meet him and vice versa. I know that they would have adored each other and melted each other's hearts. I often think about him looking down on her and what he must be thinking. I can only hope that Bug has a relationship with him via means unknown and understand that although he is not here and has never met her, he loves her more than I can express.

Thank you Kristin for that post which has inspired me to express what has been in my heart since the birth of  my daughter, and thank you readers for bearing with me while I get a little personal.

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