Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ring Around the Rosey Dress

I was busy this morning making a new dress for Bug as she surprised me by sleeping in until 9:30! I had it ALMOST finished by the time she woke up and finished it while she ate her cereal next to me. The dress was an inspired from this shirt:

Sorry about the dirty shirt... She was wearing it all day and then I got my idea to make a dress from it.

The back.
So I used the shirt to draft my pattern for the dress.

I have only made one other dress doing it like this before and was hoping and praying the whole time that it would turn out semi-decent.  The main fabric is some that I scored on a Wal*Mart trip a little while back. It was $1/yd and as soon as I saw it I KNEW what I wanted to make with it! The blue is knit that was given to me from a lady on freecycle. I love me some freecycle. :) Like I said before, I sewed this morning while Bug was still sleeping. It was a really fast sew, probably from start to finish it was 1.5 hours! NOT BAD!! I'm not too pleased with the topstitching on the bias tape around the arms and the round neck, but I was fighting a bit with my machine and the knit. Other than that I'm pretty please with how the whole thing came out! I love the red/blue flower print with the blue neck and bias; it looks very vintage to me.

I think I'm going to make another one sometime this week, if not tomorrow, because I LOVE the pattern. I think it is so cute with the round neck and the peep hole in the back. Who knows, maybe if I'm really daring I might try to draft one as a shirt for me. If I'm really daring...

Ok enough of the talking... Here are some pictures of it. Sorry they aren't the best, my new camera is just "ok" and my model...well... she can't hold still for more than two seconds!

Like I said, sorry about the VERY candid photos. I was thinking I might be willing to do a tutorial of the next one I make and offer the pattern online (for free of course) so that you can make your own, if you're interested. What do you think? Do you want a tutorial & pattern?

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