Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guess What?!

I have some BIG news! 
Not too BIG though.

Remember when I looked like this?

I <3 it!!

Well, hopefully soon (or actually 9-10 months soon) I will be looking like that again. I'm not pregnant YET, but we've decided to start trying again!

I've always thought it weird when people tell others that they are trying to have a baby. In some ways it is just a bit TMI, yet I cannot resist myself, so now I know why people tell. I've been wanting another baby since Bug was born, but we have patiently waited for things to calm down and for what seemed like the right time. We hope to get pregnant this fall. If all goes REALLY as planned, then in September, so the baby will be born in June (the end of- HOPEFULLY). This way it won't interfere with me missing work and such. I'm so stinking excited about this I can hardly contain myself, and then I think about the sleepless nights and almost change my mind, but then I look at all these cute babies and Bug swaddling her baby gently and kissing it lovingly and know it's the right time.

Keep those fingers crossed people!

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