Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am working on designing labels for the items I create and sell for the shops, but I need help. I'm really excited about getting them and don't want to mess them up! Here's what I have for half fold labels (Ones that will stick out the side of something, just a small tag)

For dark fabrics
For light fabrics
 The trouble I'm having is in creating a tag that can just be sewn onto the garment. I like simple looks, but I LOVE the dark background better than the light. Here's what I am thinking:

I just can't decide if I like it all on one line or two!

What do YOU think? 
TWO lines or ONE?            DARK or LIGHT?

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Anonymous said...

hey crystal! Here's my two cents if you want them for your labels.....i like both colors of labels and one or two lines....the only thing that pops out at me is the BOO.....maybe you can make the o's lower case....it keep shouting Halloween to me.....sorry....they're very nice though....good luck!