Thursday, September 2, 2010


In this post I mentioned the whole smocking horror I've been facing. For now I've put smocking aside until I can get my hands on some better tools (pleater & pattern). You might remember this dresstastrophe from that post also. It was unfinished and a poor excuse of smocking. Ring any bells yet? If not, you're in luck; I have a picture!

Remember it now?

Well I couldn't let that good pattern and fabric go to waste. I ripped cut out the smocking and brought it back to plain jane. I really should have taken a picture of just that, but I didn't! Then it was time to jazz it up a bit and make it work. I used the same fabric from the other smocking dresstastrophe for the bias around the neck arms and then added some length to it to be a dress too. Because the dress was made with larger measurements to accomodate the smocking gone bad, I had to find a way to make it fit without tearing it all apart and cutting it down. VIOLA! My bff, elastic thread, saves the day again. I shirred around the whole thing starting and stopping at the key hole sides on the back. (The key hole was in the original smock design) Then I sewed on a little loop and button for the back to stay shut and here we have it!

I couldn't wait to show off the transformation, thus the really crappy pictures and lack of modeling. I really have to work on that whole patience bit, because I KNOW pictures say 1,000 words and GOOD pictures say even more..but for now you're just going to have to use your imaginations and PRETEND that these are AWESOME pictures.

It's not that high on her neck, and she does have a neck, I promise.

The elusive neck is yet again hiding...this time under her hand. I say look up and she does this. Go figure.

And the back...

Let me just say that I really wish (a) the pictures were better and (b) you could see it in person because it is SOOOOO much cuter. I'm thinking about doing maybe a little birdie applique on the front (fabric matching bias and hem). What do you think?

Oh and did you see it? THE IPHONE!!! I'm guilty of distracting her with it, but she LOVES the story app I have on there with the story of  "Daisy, Maisy, and Lazy".

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Uncommon Women said...

Such a sweet dress! I found you from the Trendy Treehouse! Love your blog design, too!