Thursday, January 27, 2011

The BIG one!

Here is the BIG post where I tell you all that I've kept from you in the past two months. I know, I HAS been too long.

What can I say? It was GREAT! I would show you ALL the great pictures that we have, but...well...umm... my DSLR camera battery was dead, so I used the old camera and was snapping away only to find out that only the first SIX photos that I took saved onto the SD card. For some reason all the other pictures didn't save! It wasn't anything to do with the SD card because it works fine. It just the stupid crappy camera that was dropped in 2 feet of snow last year! At least the video camera was charged up and worked perfectly!!

The Hubba-Bub's brother and his family came up from South Carolina. We ended up having a great time with them and the kids. Bug has been calling all her babies "Baby Tin-Tin" ever since and is CONSTANTLY requesting to see their pictures on facebook. It is really cute! We spent most of the post Christmas time at his parents visiting with them. We had a great time New Year's Day playing the wii. Let's just say I kicked butt in Just Dance II. I'm sure we'll have to have a rematch next time we all get together again...(maybe this Summer?!)

House Woes:
  1. The dishwasher "broke" just after Thanksgiving. We bought a used on off CL and installed it. It didn't work. Come to find out it was because our dishwasher was the problem after all. It turned out to be a wiring problem with the house. The next day the Hubba-Bub and Bug worked diligently at fixing it and installing the old dishwasher. Now we have the CL dishwasher sitting in the baby's room that still needs to be cleaned out and prepared for July arrival.
  2. Next up the oven stopped working! The Hubba-Bub hasn't really had time to look at of fix this because it isn't high on his priority list with all that has happened since. We have been using the crockpot for our oven cooking. We need to buy a toaster oven, but I always forget when we're out and about, but I think one of my coworkers is going to give me one because he messaged me of facebook. Patience is kind!
  3. The outdoor wood furnance (outdoor wood stove that heats the house and the water) had a hole in it and was leaking water. The Hubba-Bub spent one day trying to fix it and finally did only to find out that the other side of the stove was FULL of holes that would require a new sheet to be put on and the old taken off. Not really a winter project. In order to heat the house and have hot water he had to cut the wood smaller to fit in the indoor wood stove (that we weren't using) and hook up the LP gas to the water heater. It was a fantastic weekend! Good thing I had Monday off thanks to the the wonderful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because when we woke up the water was FROZEN! I think we've  Finally got everything with the heat and hot water heater fixed and working the way it should be.

Grad School:
Did someone say it is that time again? GAK! It is. This class that I'm taking is proving to be one of the most challenging courses that I have taken in my ENTIRE professional education. I'm to complete two units, read 7 chapters, 2 large assignments, and 3 discussion posts within the first week of class. Can you say stressed? Not to mention that I'm having some REAL issues with the textbook. It is written by William Glasser the Choice Theory guru. Well, let me just say in theory Choice Theory is great and possibly in reality too, but the examples he gives to illustrate this in his text are weak and take leaps and bounds for them to prove what he is saying. Like I said, I'm having real issues and being that the rest of the course will be focused on this book and another (Dear God, please let that one be better) I'm already fearing the rest of the course until I finish April 29th.

Sorry no pictures. This has actually taken me 3-4 days to write between a whole new array of things to fill a BIG blog post with. Will I ever get caught back up again?
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I am feeling your pain on the Grad school thing...