Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Loves Us

February is looking to be much sweeter to us than January was, which is a great thing! Maybe it is the whole love theme of February, but whatever it is I will take it!

The Hubba-Bub was laid off at the very end of January. We didn't look at it as a bad thing, but rather a blessing. His job was causing him too much stress for what it was worth. Now he is enjoying time off with Bug during the day. Yesterday we took Bug back down to the sitters so that the Hubba-Bub could go to an interview in Albany (2 hours away). That might sound crazy to most people, but this is the type of job that he has been trying to get for what seems like FOREVER. It is as an union ironworker. The great news is that he got it! He will hear back from them at the end of this coming week once his pee results come back on when he will need to attend training. So what does that mean for us?

Well, we aren't sure. At first we were thinking he would just drive back and forth, but then realized that was not a practical solution. So then we were thinking that he would just rent a room (apartment) up there on a monthly basis. We might still do this, but now we are looking at potentially buying a house around the area and moving up there. We both really like this house
 (image taken from
but aren't too keen on the price; It is our understanding that it can be finished to however we want though. The only problem with this is that there aren't any teaching positions available in my area. Maybe we'll buy a house Nick will stay in it until there is a position for me available or maybe we'll just go with plan A and save up.

Either way we're trying to get down to our financial bare bones. We're selling our beloved Rhino and my car. It is funny how attached we become to "things". I'm having a harder time letting go of the Rhino than my car, but we both know that it will be better for us in the long run, and we'd rather save up and buy new or new to us without any payments. Not to mention we're in big house saving mode.

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