Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Loves Our Backs

The Hubbs and I didn't get anything for each other for Valentine's Day other than our undying love for each other. No fancy or cheesy gifts in this household. (Not knocking you if you partook) We are making up for it by buying a new bed and mattress! I can't stop checking the order status to see if it has shipped yet. The Hubba and I bought a new bed in 2006 and it only lasted until late 2008. The bed we bought before was from JCPenney and was $150 (or so) on sale (You get what you pay for). It was all metal, but very pretty.

Since we had to get rid of it we have been sleeping on the a simple queen size frame and then moved up to a waterbed frame that was given to us by my grandparents. We've I've talked about building a bed from Ana White's Farmhouse Collection, but that didn't happen and was going to take too long. Finally, yesterday I was online and thought I would just see what Overstock had to offer. Then I found this bed:
I fell in love with the simple, contemporary, feminine, masculine, classic design that offered so many possibilities for matching furniture, bedding, etc.

Then I got to thinking that it would be nice to get a new mattress and was lured into browsing the memory foam mattresses suggested when you click the bed. What's this called? Upselling?? Cross-selling?? Well they sold me. After searching a couple and reading the reviews I had narrowed my selection down and playfully added it to the cart along with the bed. (We also bought a new mattress and boxspring set when we bought the new bed in 2006. It was a pillowtop mattress and just not holding up like it should have. Again you get what you pay for.)

How many times have I done this before? "Pretend shopped" where I browse and add things to the bag only to be left there for so long that they are deleted into the internet abyss.

I just let it sit there and waited for the Hubba to get home, so I could playfully ask him if we could please, please, please get them. The Hubba-Bub came home and I ever so casually said I found a bed a mattress for sale. I ran it by him and he said, "Is it new?!" I happily showed him the above pictures and the shopping cart from Overstock.com.

He asked how I was able to get almost $120 off, to which I replied, "Baby, I'm an online shopping coupon master." (the bed was already on sale with $44 off and I found a 10% off discount) Then the big one came..."How much is shipping?" Of course I replied, "Why my love, shipping is free." I was sure this whole thing was a no go and we would just pretend and play at the idea of having a nice new bed and new mattress to sleep on in a few days, but he was sold and even suggested we look at a king size. We did, Cali King actually, but decided that we'd stick with our Queenie. To that I quickly checked out my cart and have been imagining the blissful nights sleep that I will soon be getting.

It is just another way that February LOVES us. :)
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Crafty Housewife said...

Love it! I have been talking about the same thing with my husband and he is all on board for the memory foam. The problem is, there are so many other things that keep coming first, lol!

stefani said...

Wow! That's a pretty good discount.

I have seen that bed frame and loved it too. One of these days I hope to get the memory foam. :-)