Friday, July 22, 2011

OMG! A Blog Post?

   Yea, I know, I'M BLOGGING!!! Who would have thunked it? I think if you follow my blog you know that I tend to take a break about midway through the year until school is ou,t or at least slow down a bit. This time holds the record though. Oh how I have missed blogging. It is a great way for me to get out some inner thoughts, release my built up sarcasm and wit elsewhere than on the Hubs, document different aspects of our life and, well, I just like it because I'm a big ol' dork.
   So what should this intro back into blogging be about? Should it be about the Hubs' unemployment stink and staying home with the Bug then finding a job only the have every other potential employer he applied to be interested in him now? Should it be about a possible move? Should it be about the possibility of me staying home with the girls instead of returning to work in the fall? Should it be about how if I return to work in the fall, we have NOBODY to watch the girls yet? Should it be about my newest addiction to pinterest?  I'm not really sure either.
  You see, life has been a bit crazy around here lately. We've developed plans for just about every what-if in our current situation and are waiting to see what God has planned for us, so that we can follow through. Honestly, I'm not worried one bit; whatever happens happens. I've gone back to my old way of thinking and just letting it be, rolling with the punches, riding the waves, and enjoying the moment. With a newborn and a beautifully loving toddler, what's not to relish in daily?
   If you were hoping to read about some of the above "shoulds", well I'm sure they will make it on here pretty soon, but for now I just needed to take a moment to get back into the blogging thing and breathe. *ahhh*

Thanks for breathing with me.
(See I told you I am a dork!)

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