Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Monday I had my medical procedures done. It was my first time going under and I was scared. The nurse called me back, and I told Nick to come and she's like "ONLY CRYSTAL" so that upset me. Well needless to say I started crying like a little baby when she started the IV. Not because it hurt, but because I was scared and nervous. She told me everything would be fine, and the hardest part is already over with. So I sucked it up and waited to meet the doctor. He was really nice, and even joked around with me. Finally it was time...all I remember was hearing "it usually works quickly so you should be feeling nothing anytime soon hunni" and watching my heart rate on the monitor rise and fall. Then the next thing I remember I am in Old Country Buffet (which I INSISTED ON GOING TO BECAUSE I WANTED MAC & CHEESE) trying to walk to my seat with a plate of salad and people staring at me because I can't walk straight. Then I remember downing that salad like there was no tomorrow (I even put chickpeas on it--I never do that!!) Then I remember waking up in the car on the way back and asking Nick if he called grandma (like the 20th time I asked him he says) and went back to sleep until we got home. I was so groggy even when we got home, but at least I was able to function a little bit more. It's funny now that I think about it, harldy as scary as I imagined it.

So what did the test say? Well my stomach is irritated and red (I guess the lining has been worn down or something-once again going off what Nick was told by the doctor) So I have medicine to take, but I have to get it filled first. I took it today to RiteAid, and there is this big run around because it doesn't come in the MG that he perscribed and they need to contact him, but he's with other patients and hasn't called back. So hopefully by tomorrow I will have it. I'm just glad that they found something, so that way I know I wasn't going crazy! It will be fine in a little while (the meds are supposed to re-build my stomach lining).

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