Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday we went down to Barryville and picked up the furniture. It is REALLY nice. Well in REALLY good condition. The print is OK for now (plaid) very country looking, but we absolutely love it for $150 bucks! We got a STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to post some pictures. We are trying to decide what our next project will be... We want to get as much done to the house before the baby comes because once the baby comes our finances are cut REALLLLLY short. So we're doing as we can.

Also on the way home from bowling last night (Nick bowls every Sat, and I went down to mom's last night) we saw a little doggy in the middle of the road. It was like 35 degrees out and the looks scared and lost. So of course what do we do? Bring the dog home with us. She is a really cute dog, and today we are going to drive around to see if she belongs to anybody. You can tell that she had a collar on at one time; wish us luck in our owner hunting adventure!!!

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