Wednesday, October 1, 2008


SO I really have to start disciplining myself better about getting on blogger and posting regularly again. It's just hard with school having started, working around the house, oh and being pregnant. So here are some updates really fast....


School is going good. There are some days that I wonder what I've gotten myself into, but that will come with any job. Overall though I do love my job and I love the kids. They are great in their own ways :). It is just a lot of work being a first year teacher and planning out everything, grading, meetings, etc. The time management is the biggest issue, but it is working :)

Around the house....

We have started doing things around the house. We still haven't put the carpet down in our room yet, which I'm not sure when we will because of the cost of carpet and stuff. We have painted the family, dining, and living room though. The family room is a beige-ish brown same as the dining room and the living room is a greenish-bluish-grayish color. Nick also has started pressure washing the deck and it looks SOOOO good. So next on our list will be staining/sealing the deck, painting the entertainment center, painting the kitchen and our bedroom, and of course refinishing the hardwood floors.

We went and picked up a couch and loveseat that was being given away for free in Delhi this past weekend. It's not in bad shape, but we have slip covers on them. Then this weekend we are going down to Barryville to pick up a living room set that we are buying for $150. It's not really our style (green plaid-ish), but it is like brand new. An older couple had it in their living room, which they didn't use, and have since passed away so their son is selling it to us. We'll probably get some slip covers for the set too, but not right away.


Things are going really good with the pregnancy. I went to my last doctor's appointment and she said everything is looking perfect. So far I have gained 32lbs. and by the end I should gain anywheres from 35-45. 35 is ok 40-45 would be better because of my pre-prego weight. So for all those people out there asking if I'm eating...YES I AM, and I'm ON TARGET!

We have been having trouble coming up with a name for the baby, but I think we finally got it last night. Well a first name at least. So as of now she is Calla Conklin. :) Her middle name was going to be Nicole after Nick, but he doesn't want that now for some reason. Who knows with him though.

I can't believe that there are only 7 weeks left. It has really flown by. We still need to get things and get the nursery ready for her. We have the crib set up, a temporary dresser, swing, TONS of infant clothes and size 1 diapers. I can't really do anything else until we get the other stuff we need, but I don't want to go out and buy anything yet because mom said she was having a shower for me soon. So we'll see what we are still lacking after the shower and go from there. As soon as it is all done and everything I'll post some pictures for everyone to see.

We weren't able to get into the birthing classes at the hospital so we bought a birthing class DVD. Honestly, I LOVE IT! It is current, funny, and VERY informative. It is Laugh and Learn Birthing Class. We are going to buy the Breastfeeding one and are waiting for our baby care one to come in the mail. We are going to finish up our birthing class DVD tonight :).

My next dr. appt. is October 16 and we are having an ultrasound done, so be looking for some new pictures soon!!!!!!!!

So those are our updates. I'll probably be taking some photots of my belly really check back for some more updates and pictures!

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