Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day...Sorta

The weather for the past two days has been true winter weather. Yesterday when I woke up it was raining, and then it started sleeting. I checked the local news website to see if we were closing and nothing. Mind you that all 7 schools that come to us have to close in order for us to close. So I went into school and only 2 schools sent their kids. One of the two schools was going home half day though. Then FINALLY the other school decided they were going to go home half day too which meant that we got to leave early. I was able to leave at 11:45!!! I had to drive down to pick up Calla because Jen doesn't have snow tires. By the time I got home is 1, but that is still better than 3:30! I got an extra couple of hours with the pumpkin!! It was very nice :)!

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