Monday, January 19, 2009

Check Engine!

We have been having car trouble lately. My car’s check engine light came on recently (which I mentioned in the pulled over post). Well, Nick took it to work and hooked it up. It said that it was gas cap. Thus he thought I filled up the car with gas while it was running. I didn’t remember doing it, but who knows!? So we were taking it up to Oneonta to drop it off to get an inspection and the check engine light came on again. We dropped it off anyways and had them look at it. They said it was probably because of the cold weather and water got in there, and they reset it. Nick started driving it home, and the light came one again!! He took it back and they replaced a hose. Nick picked it up and started driving home and ON AGAIN! We haven’t called them back up to get it up there. Right now we are distracted with things that need to be taken care of in the house (see other post). We do have to get it fixed soon though because it needs an inspection badly!!!

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