Monday, January 19, 2009

The progress or lack of progress on our resolutions…

We haven’t made it to church yet. This past weekend was because of the weather. The weekend before that was because Nick got his truck stuck in our driveway, and I got REALLY angry at him. The weekend before that- I’m not sure. WE ARE DEFINITELY GOING THIS SUNDAY!!! We were all excited about going this past Sunday, but the weather was really bad. Even Jen, our church guide, didn’t go!

Progress on the debt issue..Well that hasn’t been going too good as well. This isn’t because we aren’t trying to cut back and make smart changes; we are! Our standstill is from the unexpected problems we are having. The money that we were going to put towards our debt this month is going towards the unexpected expenses that have come up with the house and car. We are going to try and put even just a little to it this month-whatever we can. Hopefully next month will be better!!

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