Sunday, March 8, 2009


Last Saturday I finally was able to get my car inspected! Yay! What they had to do to get the engine light off was change the temperature sensor. They said that if it wasn't that, then it would be the water-pump. We have to replace the water-pump and timing belt at or before 80K miles. So everything was going great. Driving with no light was amazing.

Then..... we had a really cold morning and I went out to start the car. It started up just fine, but when I brought Calla out after letting it warm up the light was on. I couldn't believe it! I was so angry I tried calling Nick from my cell phone on my way to work, but he wasn't available. I spoke to him when I arrived at work, and we were both like AHHHHHHHHHHHH! So I called and tried making an appointment for Monday, but wasn't able to due to leaving the house before they called me back. Sooooooo.. I'm driving Nick's truck tomorrow to work, and Nick is driving my car to Oneonta. He is going to drop off the car at VW to get a new water-pump and timing belt. It should be done either Monday or Tuesday. I'm hoping that it will be done asap because I hate not having my car to drive around!

Let's not forget the good news of this whole post though, MY CAR IS INSPECTED!!!!!!!

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Susan said... you have your car now? I do NOT want to ride to the store in his truck (sorry, Nick).