Thursday, April 23, 2009

So much to say....So little time

I am always like "I want to blog about this! I can't forget... I'll do it tonight definitely" and then things get too busy for me to do it. So here I am trying to do a brief recap of what I wanted to post in full detail before but didn't have the time. This week has been crazy!

Monday was the first day back from break. Please tell me I am not crazy... I dropped Calla off and was doing good and then I was driving and lost it! I started crying, calmed myself down, cried, and so it went all the way to work. I got to work and saw my J (the Aide who's desk is in my room) she asked how I was doing and I started tearing up when talking to her. We had a good talk and got ready for the kids. The kids came in and from then on the day FLEW by. At the end of the day I was a completely different person. I was so happy and I felt in my heart that I loved my job! I went home happy from the day and knew that overall me working was the best for our family. If I could only keep my job and stay home with Calla at the same time! What a perfect world that would be. lol. -I'm still trying to figure it all out. Calla turned 6 months old!! We had our little celebration with the first taste of pears, and then doing our plaster handprint and footprint.

Tuesday I had a conference on integrating podcasts into the classroom. VERY COOL! What wasn't so cool was that I had to get up at 5am to be able to drop Calla off and make it to the conference location by 8:30, AND that I didn't get home until after 5:30. I would have been home sooner, but I had to go to CVS to pick up a 'script for Calla's diaper rash from her thrush (yes we're still battling that), then stop over to the new sitter's to pick up paperwork and talk to her about Calla starting there (that's another story), then go to the Big M to pick up food and baby food. (We wanted to make our own, but didn't have time the night before to prepare because I was getting things ready for the substitute). Then I had to get things ready for my pre-observation meeting that I had on Wednesday at 8:15 in the morning (before school) for my observation that was to take place 1st period (8:50).

Wednesday I had my pre-obs meeting and my observation and then squeezed in my post observation meeting at the end of the day during the last period of the day (free period for students). The observation went GREAT! After that I had my CPR/AED training from 2:30-4:30. It isn't mandatory, but I wanted to take it so that I would know should anything ever happen, but let's hope that I'll never have to use it. After my training I rushed home because we were having the Jersey parents up for dinner. He had to do a funeral up here so they asked if they could stop in, and it definitely wasn't a problem!!! We had a pot roast in the crock-pot and visited around the table. Sue fed Calla some of her dinner too. It was a good night, but very exhausting couple of days.

Today was a little bit better, but still a bit hectic. I was able to "sleep in" to my wake-up time because I had nothing special happening in the morning. I had to order pizza for the students with good attendance and almost forgot to!!! So I rushed and ordered that just with enough time for them to make it and get it to the campus for when we needed it. Then I had my second day of CPR/AED training from 2:30-4:30 again. It was the last day, and we learned the AED portion as well as what do with a choking infant and how to perform infantile CPR. I am happy to say that I passed my tests and am now certified. I can't wait for my card to come. I feel like I should get a special cape to go with it or something. ;) Again tonight I was late getting home because of the training and am SOOOO looking forward to tomorrow when I can wake up and arrive to school at the regular time, have a worry free day, and come home at my 3:30 time! Not to mention that it is also PAAAAYYYYY DAAAAAYYYYY!!! :)

Already our weekend is booking up fast. We need to get Calla's pictures done, do things around the house, and of course relax. Out of all of those... I doubt we'll get to the relaxing one.

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