Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who Needs Hot Water Anyway?

We just finished the hardwood floors. Monday night that they were done I was getting ready for bed and I heard water running. I checked the faucets, the toilet, and NOTHING! I couldn't find where it was coming from. So I called Nick into the bedroom and...we have a LEAK! Now this was going on two weeks ago. Last week we spent the week without hot water unless we turned it on manually. Nick was planning on finding the leak, which he thought might be a hose or the water heater itself, over the weekend. The weekend came and Dale arrived to be Nick's helping hands. Together they figured out that the leak was coming from the water heater. Did I mention that they decided to do this on SUNDAY??? So they thought they could tear up the floor and lay the new down at least. I went to town and when I returned they had decided against putting new floor down, but had already tore up the linoleum. The crap wood was all dark and strange looking, so I asked why it was so dark (thinking black mold?) and they assured me it was because it was rotten. Nick and Dale covered it back up with garbage bags because it had a nasty smell. Due to us needing a water heater we had to wait until this Saturday to start working on it and finish it. We got ready for bed Sunday night and decided that we could still smell the faint smell and didn't feel comfortable sleeping in there until it is finished. So at 11pm we took our mattress out into the family room and have been camping out since! Mind you we are surrounded by all that was in our closet too. Oh it's been an exciting week...and it has only been 2 days. LOL. Hopefully Sunday we'll have hot water AND our bedroom back!!!

(I'll take pictures of the icky floor and the progress they make as it gets done!)

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