Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some More Things I've Made

This is a doll I made for Brenna. She wanted her to have long blonde hair, barrettes, red dress and a blue "B". At first I couldn't think of a way to do the long hair and was going to try yarn. Yarn looked a little too complicated for right now so I finally came up with this solution.
I think she looks pretty cute from the front and the back!

I have had patterns to make slippers and shoes for Calla, but had never gotten around to it. I know a bunch of people pregnant and was thinking these would be a cute gift. I tried one of the patterns out that I have. They came out cute, but I want to try the other patterns I have too. The designs on the shoes are mine along with the little ribbon tab on the back. It is helpful when putting them on. I am going to alter these and place a ribbon across the top front to keep them from coming off Calla's foot so easily.

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