Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh What A Weekend!

I awoke at 12am to the beautiful feeling of wretched butterflies fluttering their way to my mouth, which caused me much discomfort for the next 5 hours off and on. I slept on the bathroom floor, and every time I tried to stand or stretch my body out from a fetal position, those pesky butterflies would reveal another escape attempt. Needless to say I ended up filling out a sub-request form online at intermission and stayed home for the day. It is a good thing too, because although the butterflies had succeed in escaping and finally none where left, I still had the after-shock of their exiting that hit erratically throughout the day. (If you haven't figured out what I'm talking about yet, I was vomiting and then dry-heaving) Oh, did I mention that I spent about 5 more hours lying in the fetal position in the bathtub too? That's right. And when I wasn't in the tub I was sleeping in my bed. Thank goodness Nick had taken the day off too (per my request) and was taking care of Bug, who was starting to get a fever. The day seemed to drag, but as it geared towards night I was starting to feel a little better. I continued to coat my stomach with that pink-chalky-goodness and was thankful to still be alive.

I woke up not feeling 100%, but definitely feeling better than the day before. Nick on the other hand, well he had what I had the day before. Bug still had her fever and I was pumping her full of Tylenol and Motrin to try and keep it under control. I have to say that she is a trooper. You wouldn't know she was sick unless you felt her head. She was as active as always, and as cheerful as always. Nick on the other hand, well didn't fair quite as well. He was bedridden for most of the day and when he wasn't, well he was couch-ridden. At one time he thought it would be better if he "just got up and did something," so he went outside and hopped on the snowmobile for a quick ride. Silly boy. The butterflies that had haunted me the day before had mysteriously leaped inside of him and finally found their escape into the fresh woodsy air where they belonged. When he arrived back home, he said it took all he could do to get back and how stupid of an idea it was, to which I thought "I told you so!" and said "I'm glad you made it back." I tried pumping him full of the pink-chalky-goodness, but he wasn't into worshiping it as much as I had. Finally the night had come, and we were praying and hoping that he would feel better in the morning because he wasn't feeling any better than he did earlier...He fell asleep and....

I'm feeling better. Nick's feeling better. Bug's still got a fever. That's right, poor Bug has had a fever for 3 days now! This is getting to be a bit ridiculous and has even called for some even more ridiculous measures. She kept "waking" through the night and would whimper, but calm as soon as I arrived in her room and rubbed her back or belly (whichever was up at the time), so I simply decided instead of running back and forth every 15 minutes I was getting a blanket and bunking up with her in the crib. (Not the first time I've climbed in there with her, but still an unusual moment) She still continued to wake, and I still continued to rub and soothe, but it was so much easier on the two of us with this close proximity. Finally at around 5 am I had enough of sleeping in positions only a circus contortionist could manage, and climbed out bringing Bug into bed with Nick and me. Nick was in a deep sleep and didn't even really notice Bug until about 2 hours later and then he retreated to the couch. Bug slept really good for the next 3.5 hours!!! I continued to pump her full of the meds to keep the fever at bay and called the doctor. They said to continue doing what we're doing and maybe take her to get her ears checked if she's messing with them (she wasn't). After some loooooooong much needed naps today, she is FINALLY feeling like her old young self again.

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