Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bug's New Room...(sorta)

For the longest time I have been wanting to redo Bug's room, but wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Today I sat down searched through ideas and starting putting it all together (like I do). Why do I want to do Bug's room over? Well because I never really got around to "doing" it in the first place. The paint is a light green and everything else is mismatchy, and not in the cute way either. I haven't started on the living room since we drew up the plans, but I am now putting Bug's room at the forefront of the house to-do list. It's time to turn this house into a HOME!

And now onto the explanations...

  1. We already have the crib and dresser (not the exact dress but close); they just need to be painted white.
  2. We already have the rug(not exact but close again). The rug we have is a PB (yardsale STEAL!) pink and green braided rug. VERY CUTE!
  3. I just ordered the chandelier for the room last night. I have wanted one ever since I was prego, just never got around to ordering it.
  4. We might or might not put down laminate flooring. We may just leave the carpet. (still deciding on this one)
  5. Then there is the faux wainscoting with this wallpaper as an insert. The wall paper is too cute; I just love the green and the petite polka dots!
Then there is the wall paintings. I want to paint a tree (like shown above),
maybe get some owl decals, cute deer decals, and I LOVE the girl swinging one too... I know this would all be overload so I'm trying to narrow it down.

(Of course this would be just the white on the pink walls, not the grey background)

What do you think?? 
I'm thinking I can't wait to get started, and MIL is going to KILL me for painting the crib!


Carmen said...

Oh those deers are just gorgeous. I have been saying that about our house for a long time. We need to turnn it into a home rather than well, a dumping ground it is at the moment.

The room is going to look lovely - lucky bubba having a chandelier :D

MIL said...

I find nothing wrong with painting the crib, It was given to you for calla so what you want to do with it is your call. I am sure it will be beautiful, so go girl get it done so we can see.