Sunday, February 28, 2010

"New" Dolly Stroller

Bug received a dolly stroller for Christmas this year from her Great Gramma that has since passed away. Bug LOVED and still LOVES her stroller. She plays with it every day. The problem came when she tried stuffing herself into the stroller and wanted to be pushed around. The seam on the right side of the stroller (left in picture) wasn't strong enough and left the bottom seat bar poking out.

See what I mean?

 I have been wanting to fix it for weeks, but it has sadly been pushed further and further down on my sewing to-do list as I'm trying to get a website going (which is ALMOST up and running!) So finally last night I said enough was enough. I took apart the "seat" and went to work making it this morning. The only problem with what I did this morning was I cut out all the pieces (3 total) and then decided that I think I would make it so the back is also pretty and not just a plain back of a piece of fabric and cut three more pieces. I knew this would be a problem now because I didn't account for seam allowances when I cut the pieces the first time, but I was determined to make it work! (Tutorial & Pattern coming soon) The good news is that it worked. The bad news is that it is a bit too snug (which will be fixed in the pattern when posted).

 As soon as I put it on the stroller she loaded it up and wouldn't stop long enough for a picture!




I think it's quite cute and I even recycled the ribbons used on the first one. I was too lazy to do the biased tape around the whole thing, but I will probably me making another one for when this one needs to be put in the washer and it will be on that one!!

Check back soon for the tutorial and pattern!

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