Saturday, February 6, 2010

God Speed The Adderall...

I am beginning to think that I really need to be checked for some adult ADD. I'm not even kidding! Today was the day that I was going to reveal the "teaser" surprise, but instead of working on that today I went grocery shopping painted the top of the coffee table, took apart a cheapy picture for the frame and painted that! It isn't even that I would RATHER do those things. No, that's not the case at all, I just can't seem to work on something and finish it. I am determined to get that darn teaser finished tomorrow and posted so there will be some excitement around this blog because as of lately it has been pretty lonely. (I hate being back to regular school days; it makes it so hard to post regularly)

On a bit of a side note. I have found something that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I was searching the addicting Etsy when I melted into a puddle as a result of spying this beauty on the main page. If anyone is feeling a little more lovey than usual this holiday and has an extra $1400, well then by all means contact me for my address because I truly don't mind you buying me this beauty from Beth Cyr Weddings - Organic/Metal Etsy shop! To some this might not tickle their fancy or might even look repulsive, but to me, it simply speaks to me. I love the simplicity, the "bark" look, the tree representation (I LOVE TREES!), I just love it all!

Don't worry my hubba-bub won't be at all disturbed by the gift, I promise!

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