Sunday, July 25, 2010

About Time!

It's about time that I posted this. Here is a quick update on the dresses that I've made Bug this Spring/Summer.

I'll give a brief description of each..
  1. Shirred dress shirt dress made from a man's long sleeve Guess shirt from the thrift store. I love the "scalloped" bottom.
  2. Another shirred dress. This time from a vintage sheet found at the thrift store. I think this is my favorite dress. I love the print!
  3. Modified Heidi and Finn Sweet Slip Dress. My version is a halter. Have I told you how much I love Heidi and Finn's patterns? They're so chic, cute, and EASY!!!
  4. "The Clown Dress" as the Hubba-Bub calls it. I think it's cute and don't care what he says. ::smirk:: This cutie is from Little Lizard King and was easy peasy also. I used a knit shirt for the body and a woven for the neck and bottom. 
  5. Last year we went to NYC with the Hubba-Bub's brother, wife, and daughter. While we were there they bought Bug a I {heart} NY shirt. After Bug had almost wore it out I decided to play around and make a tutu skirt for it. I like the way it came out, but wish I had done it sooner as the shirt makes a really short dress. I suppose I could put something under the tulle, but then it wouldn't be so tutu, would it? I also used elastic thread around the neck and arms to make it a little less boxy.
  6. Bug's 4th of July outfit. I didn't make the shirt. The shirt is actually a hand-me-down. The skirt is made from a TCP tank that Bug wore last year. I cut the straps off rolled down the band a bit (to cover up stains) and sewed on the sides to secure it down. Then I made the stars and firework appliques out of felt. Viola! A totally unique 4th of July skirt that is comfy and not too gaudy.

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Rachel said...

I keep showing off the cute dresses to everyone in my family. I'll just bring some material in Dec when we vist so you can put somethings together for Mac :-D