Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Umm Yea... I did it again..

As you can probably already tell, I've changed up the blog's look AGAIN. When bordem sets in this is what happens. I'm still not happy with it, but think it is better than the lemons. While I love the lemons and all it just reminded me of a foodie blog, which this is the farthest thing from being.  What I really want is to go back to my simple white background but the new Josh Peterson layout won't let me! Until I find a hack it will stay this grey polka dot. I like it. For now.

I wish I had some awesome pictures to show you of what we've been up to, but umm... my camera battery died when we went to the zoo and after that I...ummm...well... left it in the Rhino and it got rained on. Now all the pictures I take look like this:
I'm referring to the strange purple tint and lines across the photos not the silly smile I'm sporting. Or maybe that is why I never take any of myself? Hmmm... 

So here's the game plan for the camera issue. I'll keep it for anytime we need to get our Barney fixes, but I just ordered the HP PB360 12 MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch Touchscreen LCD (Bronze)  as my "temporary" camera until I get my DSLR. If I am being completely honest, then I must say that the only reason I bought the HP was because of it's price. $139.99 on sale for $85.32 with tax (free shipping). You can't beat that for the reviews. Ok maybe you can, because I was looking at a polaroid for $70, but the HP is TOUCHSCREEN! Now that you CAN'T beat. Hopefully it comes soon, because I hate being without a camera. (Christmas in July just keeps on getting better!)

Oh there is great news to be passed along too! For one, the DSL guy came yesterday and hooked it up. That means GOODBYE HUGHES NET!!! Hughes net wasn't all that bad, just annoying that you have a certain limit you can use daily and if you go over, then it is SLOWER than dial-up. (I kid you not) The second wave of good news is that the new sewing machine came tonight. Although, I haven't had time to play with it yet. I'm hoping that tomorrow will lend itself to that, but it's not looking that way with cleaning that needs to be done, company coming over, and a fourwheeling campfire adventure to be had with the neighbors. 

I wish I wasn't my camera wasn't so stupid!

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