Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Checking 2 off the list :)

The first week of my summer break I was busy staining/painting the deck. It still isn't finished-finished, but close enough to give you pictures. The only thing that I have left to do is the outside of the deck, which for some reason I can't bring myself to do. Maybe this is something that the hubba-bub should do since I did everything else? Yea....right! Not that he wouldn't, just he has a full plate already. Enough chattering check out the pictures!

 New vs. Old

It is actually more finished than this, but I don't have a picture of that. When it is ALL done (outside painted) then I'll post pics of the truly finished product. :)

Then there is Bug's room. While it still isn't finished, (still needs the chair rail, floating shelves,curtain, and chandelier) it is almost done! The Monday after the 4th there was a truck sale going on at the fairgrounds which had laminate flooring for 79 CENTS a square foot! The only thing is that it is slightly irregular. We didn't think that this was that big of a deal and bought enough to do Bug's room, the sewing room, and re-do our bedroom (again). What a pain in the butt these floors were. Really. The hubba-bub and I tried getting them to work for like 3+ hours and ended up miserable and on verge of either a divorce or murder. It was not pretty at all. Finally the hubba-bub called his parents who had installed similar (but better quality from a HD store) laminate flooring too. They explained what we needed to do and we tried again. FAILURE. Finally they surprised us by coming over and after some fighting with it also they got it work! Being that yesterday was their anniversary, we didn't have them work on it and so my FIL came over today to finish it up. Everything is finished except the trim moldings and the closet, but it looks fantastic!!!!!! I love it, Bug loves it and the hubba-bub loves it!!!!!!!! Here's the pics: (sorry about the cloudy pictures..the camera hasn't been the same since we dropped it in the snow this winter)

The bookcase that is peaking through on the left will be painted as will Leo's (Bug's lionhead rabbit) train table cage table

The dresser I painted and distressed to make it look aged. It really is old originally, but I liked it white better than the DARK wood. (Post coming soon on this) I also have to finish painting Bug's toy chest and put the top on it again.

Another angle...

I can't wait for this giveaway to be over with to see if I win or not. I've been praying and praying and praying that I do, because besides having a million other things I need to do with the Silhoutte I also want to label Bug's dresser drawers, applique her lamp, and decorate her toy chest. Needless to say I'm waiting until the 14th to see if I win, and if not....well then by golly I'm ordering myself one!

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