Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a done deal!

Alright, well the giveaway over to Little Birdie Secrets is over and I didn't win. I'm done throwing myself on the floor, crying like a baby, and screaming WHY?! Rather I have picked myself up, dried myself off, and whipped out the debit card. With a few clicks I was feeling as good as if I had won. That might not be completely true because if I had won, I wouldn't have had to spend the money. I actually did the try it for $29.99 offer because being that it is the summer months, we have to make our money stretch until my paychecks start coming back in. The best part is that I did spend an extra $10 for expedited shipping, so it should be here SOONER than later. I can't wait!!!!

Oh and did I tell you the good news? My sewing machine refund was processed yesterday and hit my account today. Can you guess what that means? If you guessed that I should be enjoying a new sewing machine around the 26th of July, then you're absolutely a genius and must have hacked into my email!  

This is the best Christmas in July EVER!

Speaking of Christmas...Do you realize it's only 5 months away?? EEK!

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