Monday, August 16, 2010

We've Been Busy..Again

Pictures are taken with the web cam because I can't find the actual camera!! ARGH!

We're back at it. Moving things around that is. This past weekend we moved our swing-set from up by the house to down under the apple trees. This meant that we had to move the fort that my dad built for my brother and I from under the apple trees to another spot. The fort is in temporary holding on the far side of the lawn until we decide just exactly where I we want it to go. I think the swing-set should be moved over to the right a little bit more so that the tree is more behind the climbing area and not the swinging area, but I guess it is ok for now. (I'd hate to have to tell the Hubba-Bub and neighbor to move it again).

I just wish I had my camera while the moving was going on. It took two days. 1 to move the fort and 1 to move the swing-set. What a fiasco. There was almost a tractortastrophe! The fort was being moved by the neighbor's tractor and all of a sudden it just started rolling backwards and wouldn't stop (the tractor). Finally the neighbor dropped the fort down and PHEW! everything was ok again. After that we had to move the fort with the tractor, the rhino and a "trailer" on attached. It was redneck interesting.

I wish I had the regular camera, so you could see how the fort is being "levelled" on the far side. It is with an aluminum milk can and a tire rim. We're high class.

So why did we move it? Well because at it's former location it was in direct sunlight 24/7 (If the sun was up 24/7)!!! There was no winning. In the morning it would be beating on your back. At noon it would be glimmering in your eyes and by evening it was burning your retinas! It was just not conducive to good swinging. Thus, we moved it to a more shady spot. Which really, if you know where we live was quite a feat! There's MAYBE 3 spots of shade in the whole 3 acre yard.

UPDATE: (p.s. I "found" the camera. It was left at my Memmy & Pappy's.)
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