Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Project Done...Infinity To Go.

I have had it in my mind to make pillows for the living room since I bought the fabric a couple of weeks ago. Remember it was only $1.50/yd and is super cute? Well I had started making one pillow back then and got it all finished. It was the pillow that ended up taking the longest (~ 1 day of off and on working on it), but I love it. Finally, yesterday and today during Bug's naptime I was able to finish the other two that I've made. I LOVE the way they came out and can't wait to get the living room painted even more. See one project done, and one more added to the list. Let me show you the goodies...

There are only 3 for now. One for each end (the squares) and one for the center of the sectional (the rectangle). I might make some more out of a different fabric later...maybe left over curtain fabric?

Up close of each...

 This is the first one that I made. I LOVE fabric yo-yos. They are fun, chic, and vintage. What more could you want?! With this pillow I made all the yo-yos, then organized them on the table of how I wanted it to look, sewed them together, and then placed the one big piece onto the pillow (after I had stuffed and sealed it shut) and only sewed the centers of the yo-yos down with one stitch. I figured that would make it easier than sewing each one on and then attaching each one. THE LESS HAND SEWING I HAVE TO DO THE BETTER! One thing I find EXTREMELY hilarious about this is that my SIL just finished a toddler bag refashion using yo-yos too! Neither of us had any idea the other was yo-yoing it up.

I made this one without thinking it through too much. It is actually a pillow case that is one an old throw pillow we had lying around. I made the green case then thought it needed something because it was too plain. Then came the idea of the burlap with "LOVE" on it...No I think "CONKLIN" would be better with an Est. 2008 for the date of our wedding anniversary. I had left it like that and was happy with it. Oh- I freezer papered the "CONKLIN" on using the Silhouette to cut it out. LOVE THAT THING!!! Then I made the next pillow (ruffles) and thought that next to the two square pillows it needed more of a POP! Insert the "bias" tape. It isn't real biased and applied more like a ribbon around it as I had to sew it down on both sides to keep it from flopping because everything else was already sewn on. Overall though, I'm happy with it! I think I might add more stuffing to the pillow form though because it is kind of limp.

I think this was my favorite pillow to make. I LOVE making ruffles and it's so quick and easy!! I didn't want it too ruffley, so I left spaces in between each so that the green could be visible too. I didn't measure the spaces in between; I just eyeballed it. Also I didn't finish the edges on the muslin (I used Muslin for all the white on the pillows) because I like the look of it fraying. I think it makes it look shabby chic. (I used Muslin because it was the only plain white that I had.)

I had to laugh at the Hubba Bub as he had commentary for each pillow. The first one (yo-yo) he said, "That's pretty. I like that" The next one (Conklin) "Why 2008? We've been together a lot longer than that (since 2000)." Me: "It's our wedding year anniversary." Hubba-Bub: "Oh. Yea, well..." And finally probably my favorite reaction, the third one (ruffles): "Are you going to make more like that?" Me: "Probably not, but I LOVE it, don't you?" Hubba-Bub: "Not really, it's too fruffy." Me : "Oh, does it threaten your manhood?" Hubba-Bub: "NO! I just think it is girly." CRACK ME UP!

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Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Look at all those adorable pillows, Crystal! They turned out great! :) You did a wonderful job!!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

They are so cute and you can't beat $4 can you? I really like the ruffled one.